Sunday, September 2, 2012

Laminating Fabric

I have been wanting to make these cute little laminated fabric sandwich and snack bags I found a pattern for, but have not been able to find laminated fabric in any of the stores around me.  After researching online, I found this product 
I found the perfect fabric, washed and dried it (without softener) and ironed it.
I unrolled the vinyl, measured and cut the length I needed. Then I peeled the paper backing off part of it, and placed the sticky side onto the right side of my fabric
When I was done sticking the vinyl to the fabric, I took the paper that I just peeled off and placed it on top of the vinyl.  With my iron set on medium, I placed in on the paper for 8-10 seconds in each section until i had ironed the whole piece of fabric. 

I let it cool for about a minute, then removed the paper.
Then I cut another sheet of vinyl and did the same thing the the wrong side of the fabric.
that was all I did, it was super easy and now I have the perfect fabric for making the reusable snack and sandwich bags! 
I hope you have fun making your own laminated fabric! Let me know how it goes!